Sexual Health Nova Scotia (SHNS) and its network of sexual health centres across the province, have come together to create this online library of resources that address the complex intersections of sexual health and mental health. Our goal is to provide access to a variety of types of resources that will be of use to professionals, families, and anyone with an interest in the many ways our sexual and mental health impact us.

The resources in this library are in the form of Info Sheets and Pamphlets, Presentations, Discussion Guides, Videos, Articles, Research and First-Person Pieces. Our network of sexual health centres have created some of these resources, and others were already existing and have been sourced for this purpose. SHNS does not own all of the resources found here.

Some of these resources are coming from an individual perspective, which may not align with the perspective or values of SHNS, however, we felt it was important to let folks speak to their own experiences on these topics. There may also be some pieces that are difficult to read, based on the sensitive nature of their content. Please be mindful of your own needs while reading through the resources here. None of the resources in this library replace trusted advice from a health care professional.

This library is the start of what will be a continually expanding collection of resources, check back often to see what’s new!

The creation of this library and several of the resources within it was funded by the Nova Scotia Department of Health & Wellness Mental Health & Addictions Community Grants.