Sexual Health Nova Scotia (SHNS) champions positive sexual health throughout the lifespan for all Nova Scotians.


We envision a province where positive sexual health is held in the same regard as any other area of wellness, and people are able to enjoy their sexuality free from shame and violence, with access to judgement-free services when and where they need them.


SHNS and its member-centres are:

    • Sex-positive, open-minded, and non-shaming
    • Respectful of individuals’ confidentiality and autonomy
    • Pro-choice
    • Trauma-informed
    • Committed to an evidence-based approach rooted in best practices
  • Mindful of equity and inclusion in all aspects of our work


SHNS is the representative body of community-based sexual health centres located in Nova Scotia. All our member-centres are autonomous, but adhere to the same principles and practices. SHNS and the member-centres are not-for-profit, registered charities.

Currently there are six member-centres of SHNS. All centres provide:

  • Information and resources about sexual health
  • Referrals and navigation for sexual and reproductive health issues
  • Supportive guidance and/or peer counselling
  • Free or low-cost safer sex supplies (such as condoms)

Most centres also run health promotion programs that offer:

  • Community education to promote positive sexual health
  • Capacity-building training to help professionals support positive sexual health for their clients/patients

In addition, the Halifax Sexual Health Centre operates a sexual health clinic that offers services such as birth control prescriptions, pregnancy testing, Pap tests, STI testing, anonymous HIV testing, transgender-specific health support, and abortion-related counselling and referral.


SHNS and its member-centres are associate members of Action Canada for Sexual and Reproductive Health and affiliated with Planned Parenthood International.

Read our 2017/18 Annual Report here.