Experiences around mental health and sexual health are unique to each person, and how mental health interacts with a person’s sexual orientation and gender identity is just as individualized. The resources found in this section speak to the diversity of the LGBTQ2+ community and their experiences around mental health, including the impact of marginalization and oppression faced by its members.

7 Microaggressions Trans People Face in Health and Mental Healthcare SettingsArticlesTrans experiences in healthcare2018Jesse Khan (The Body is Not an Apology)
Trans People, Trauma, and Dissociative IdentitiesFirst-person piecesTrauma and Dissociative Identities 2018Elliott DeLine (The Body is Not an Apology)
Sexual Minorities Would Benefit if STI Clinics Offered Mental Health ServicesArticleHealthcare systems2019Laura Sciarpelletti (The Globe and Mail)