Experiences around mental health and sexual health are unique to each person, and how mental health interacts with a person’s sexual orientation and gender identity is just as individualized. The resources found in this section speak to the diversity of the LGBTQ2+ community and their experiences around mental health, including the impact of marginalization and oppression faced by its members.

7 Microaggressions Trans People Face in Health and Mental Healthcare SettingsArticlesTrans experiences in healthcare2018Jesse Khan (The Body is Not an Apology)
Trans People, Trauma, and Dissociative IdentitiesFirst-person piecesTrauma and Dissociative Identities 2018Elliott DeLine (The Body is Not an Apology)
Sexual Minorities Would Benefit if STI Clinics Offered Mental Health ServicesArticleHealthcare systems2019Laura Sciarpelletti (The Globe and Mail)
LGBTQ2S+ Youth Shaming and Bullying PamphletInfo sheets and pamphletsLGBTQ2S+ Youth and violence2019Cape Breton Centre for Sexual Health
Bisexual Women and Mental Health: You must be this queer to enterFirst-person piecesBiphobia and mental health2018Ruby Mountford (Archer Magazine)
Sexual abuse against gay and bi men brings unique stigma and harmArticlesSexual abuse and queer men2019Joan M. Cook & Amy Ellis (The Conversation)
Gay Men's Obsession with Masculinity is Hurting Their Mental HealthArticlesQueer men and mental health2019Gabriel Arana (them.)