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sexual violence

Statement on Al-Rawi verdict: Clearly a drunk person cannot consent

Statements made by provincial court Judge Gregory Lenehan in his March 1 acquittal of Halifax taxi driver Bassam Al-Rawi have drawn attention to the misconceptions that still exist around sexual violence.

Sexual Health Nova Scotia is committed to working to end sexual violence in this province. This work rests on the firm belief that consent must be clearly given, it must be affirmative, and it must be ongoing.

National Day of Remembrance and Action for Violence Against Women

On December 6th, Sexual Health Nova Scotia marks the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. We remember the 14 women murdered at l’École Polytechnique de Montréal on this day in 1989, and we pledge to continue working to eliminate gender-based violence.

Birds and the Bees: Province launches new campaign against sexual violence

Birds and the Bees movie poster

Last week, the Nova Scotia government launched a new sexual violence prevention campaign aimed at youth. Check it out at
The "Birds and the Bees" campaign features two animated videos, inspired by popular cartoons like The Simpsons and Bojack Horseman, that depict common situations that young people face when navigating issues of sexuality and consent. The first video is live now; another will be released later this year.

Revenge porn is sexual violence

Statement by Sexual Health Nova Scotia about the Pictou County revenge porn website

The recent discovery that a revenge porn website has targeted multiple women in Pictou County is cause for grave concern. 

"Revenge porn" is a common term for posting intimate images of a former partner online without their consent. Like all sexual acts that happen without consent, revenge porn is a form of sexual violence.