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Sexcellence Awards

In 2008, Sexual Health Nova Scotia established the Sexcellence Award---an annual award to recognize an individual in Nova Scotia who supports and promotes outstanding work in the field of sexual health education.

If you have anyone you want to nominate for our next award, talk to your local member-centre about your choice.


2017 - Ruthie Patriquin of Sexual Health Centre for Cumberland County / Cathie Penny of Cape Breton Centre for Sexual Health

2016 - Gerard Veldhoven of Pictou County Centre for Sexual Health

2012 - Lori McCracken of Lunenburg 

2011 - Doris Landry, Public Health Nurse of Yarmouth 

2010 - Debbie Dicks, Nurse Practitioner of Musquodoboit Harbour

2009 - Ross Blanch of Amherst  

2008 - Dr. Pam Brown of Halifax