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SHNS Hallmarks


1971 - Family Planning Association of Nova Scotia, the early version of Sexual Health Nova Scotia, is founded

1974 - Family Planning Association becomes Planned Parenthood Association of Nova Scotia

1979 - Establishment of Planned Parenthood Pictou County (now Pictou County Centre for Sexual Health)

1979 - Establishment of Family Planning Resource Team (now Cape Breton Centre for Sexual Health)

1981 - Establishment of Cumberland County Family Planning (now Sexual Health Centre for Cumberland County)

1985 - Parent Kit: A Family Guide to Sexuality Education - a group focused educational resource

1988 - Establishment of Planned Parenthood Bridgewater (now Sexual Health Centre Lunenburg County)

1993 - The Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Youth Project was started, housed and supported by Planned Parenthood Nova Scotia - it became an independant organization in 2002 and is now known as the Youth Project

1996 - Just Loosen up and Start Talking - a Nova Scotia Youth Sexual Health Needs and Resource Assessment, funded by the Department of Health, which aided in establishing the NS Round Table on Youth Sexual Health in 1997

1996 - Home Viewing - a discussion video examining the causes and effects of generational family violence from a teen perspective, funded by Victim’s Services, Department of Justice

1998 - Just Loosen Up and Keep Talking - a briefing kit developed by the NS Roundtable on Youth Sexual Health in partnership with PPNS and funded by Health Canada, designed to increase awareness and create community receptivity to youth sexual health

2000 - Establishment of Planned Parenthood Sheet Harbour (now Sheet Harbour Sexual Health Centre)

2001 - Governance model became an affiliate driven one

2002 - Building Capacity for Social Policy Impact - a two-day workshop for sexual health providers in Atlantic Canada

2003 - Involved with the Nova Scotia Health Strategy - Engaging Youth in the Public Policy Project

2005 - Planned Parenthood of Nova Scotia changes their name to the Nova Scotia Association for Sexual Health to better reflect the work being done in promoting sexual health

2005 - Establishment of Yarmouth Centre for Sexual Health

2005 - Blood Borne Pathogens - provincial workshop - held in Halifax

2006 - What Makes A Great Sexual Health Educator

 - a provincial conference for educators and health professionals - held in Halifax

2006 - Understanding Adolescent Sexuality and Teaching Sex Ed - a provincial conference, sponsored by NSASH and Sexpressions - held in Halifax

2007 - What Makes a Great Sex Educator? - a provincial conference - held in Halifax

2007 - Parent / Child versions of Internet Safety pamphlets created and distributed provincially

2007 - Member of the Sexual Health Provincial Working Group

2007 - Ongoing participation in the NS Framework for Youth Sexual Health

2008 - Establishment of Sexcellence Award - an annual award to recognize an individual in NS who supports and promotes outstanding work in the field of sexual health education

2010 - Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR) Training - certification for educators, health professionals and service providers - held in Tatamagouche 

2010 - NSASH participated in Framework for Action on Youth Sexual Health, Dalhousie University ECP research group

2010 - Consultant hired for revision of Standards, Policies and Procedures Manual 

2010 - Safe Sex Over 50 pamphlet funded by NS Dept. of Seniors, created by SHCCC, distributed provincially (available in General Resources)

2011 - Healthy Sexuality Is... Conference - a 2-day provincial conference for educators, health professionals and service providers, sponsored by NSASH, Southwest Public Health and Yarmouth CSH - held in Yarmouth

2011 - Created and distributed provincial newsletters

2012 - Provincial Educator Capacity Building Project gets underway with Supporting Teachers in Implementing Sexual Health Educator Outcomes: Stakeholder Consultation and Best Practice Literature Review

2012 - Created and distributed provincial newsletters

2013 - Healthy Sexuality Is... - a 2-day provincial conference - held in Halifax

2013 - Educator Capacity Building workshops offered throughout the province

2013 - Cost Benefit Report: An Economic Case for Sexual Health Promotion In Nova Scotia - produced

2013 - Presented at NS Teachers Association for Physical and Health Education annual conference

2014 - Nova Scotia Association for Sexual Health becomes Sexual Health Nova Scotia

2014 - Organizational renewal process begins; name and logo changes; Governance review 

2014 - Healthy Sexuality Is... - a 1-day workshop, hosted in partnership with CATIE - held in Halifax

2014 - Yarmouth Centre for Sexual Health closes

2015 - Launch of SHNS's new website 

2016 - Addition of members-at-large to the Board of Directors

2016 - Creation of the position Provincial Coordinator