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Many misconceptions surround the concept of sexual health education and its appropriateness for students, especially when they are in elementary school.

However, you can use evidence from experts to point out to parents and administrators that non-judgemental sexual education actually delays sexual activity, and leads to fewer infections and unplanned pregnancies.

Thankfully, many parents actually want schools to teach their children about sexual health! Studies conducted in Canada have found that over 85% of parents agreed that sexual health should be provided in schools, while another survey from Saskatchewan showed that 92% of parents agreed it should be part of a complete education (SIECAN).

You can also encourage students to bring up the topic at home so families can talk together. (Interestingly, many students see their parents as a vital resource for sexual and reproductive health information.)
Sexual Health Education in the Schools: Q&ASex Information and Education Council of CanadaThis guide offers details on best practices and research into sexual health education. 2010