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Studies show abstinence-only education does not reduce infections and unplanned pregnancies—however, evidence-based education results in fewer of both. These are definitely outcomes we want for the youth in our schools!

Strong sexual health education:

-respects diversity in regards to gender, sex, ability, religion, race, ethnicity, and socio-economic background
-balances the positives with the negatives
-is non-judgemental
-comes from a harm-reduction perspective
-gives individuals information on health, motivation to be healthy, and practice developing skills to make healthy decisions
-respects individual beliefs

For more resources on current standards, please check out the resources below. They detail best practices, current evidence, and tips for becoming a better sexual health educator.

Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health EducationPublic Health Agency of CanadaNational standards and best practices for sexual health education2003
Sexual Health Education in Schools: Questions and AnswersSex Information and Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN)Q&A on latest research and best practices2010
Questions and Answers: Gender Identity in SchoolsPublic Health Agency of CanadaGuide to supporting students of all gender identities2010
Questions and Answers: Sexual Orientation in SchoolsPublic Health Agency of CanadaGuide to supporting students of all orientations2010
Educator Capacity Building Workshop on Sexual Health Education - Facilitator Guide Nova Scotia Association for Sexual Health (SHNS)Resource for educators on facilitating effective sexual health education (included activity outlines)
Sexual Risk Behavior ResourcesCentres for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)Latest research and fact sheets from the CDC2018
It's All One CurriculumInternational Women's Health CoalitionDesigned to help readers develop comprehensive sexuality education curricula with an emphasis on gender and rights2011
Beyond the Basics: A Resource for Educators on Sexuality and Sexual HealthAction Canada for Sexual Health and RightsTools to teach young people about sexuality and sexual health from a sex positive, human rights perspective2017
Guidelines for Supporting Transgender and Gender-nonconforming StudentsNS Department of Education and Early Childhood DevelopmentGuidelines for schools in supporting Trans youth2014