Nominations – Board of Directors

Sexual Health Nova Scotia (SHNS) is dedicated to championing healthy sexuality throughout the lifespan, in an environment that respects and supports choice.

SHNS is the representative body of the autonomous Sexual Health Centres located in Nova Scotia. We are associate members of Action Canada for Sexual and Reproductive Health (Action Canada). We have a network of member-centres throughout the province offering clinical services, supportive guidance, free safer sex supplies, community education, and more.

VISION: Positive sexual health in Nova Scotia is held in the same regard as any other area of wellness. People are able to enjoy their sexuality free from shame and violence, and have access to judgement-free services when and where they need them. Individual freedoms, rights, safety and agency are also supported.

MISSION: To champion positive sexual health for all Nova Scotians.

SHNS is governed by a Board of Directors which is responsible for determining its purpose and mission as well as:

  • Fund development
  • Strategic planning
  • Selecting and evaluating provincial staff (when applicable)
  • Liaising with independent member-centre boards
  • Overseeing communications with external stakeholders including other organizations, agencies, and government
  • Promoting the mission of SHNS
  • Maintaining responsibility for legal and financial oversight of SHNS

SHNS is recruiting volunteers to sit on our board as members-at-large. Experience in non-profit organizations and/or healthcare is considered an asset.

We are open to applications from all individuals interested in helping us further our mission and, specifically, we are in need of those with the following skills and/or professional designations:

  • Health promotion
  • Law
  • Business and/or accounting
  • Fundraising and fund development

Board of Directors Participation & Responsibilities

  • Directors will fully support the vision and mission of SHNS.
  • Attendance at meetings: SHNS meets once per month by teleconference for approximately 2 hours. Currently we meet the first Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. We may also meet 2-3 times a year in person, usually in the Truro area. In scheduling meetings, every effort is made to accommodate board members as much as possible.
  • Meeting preparation: All Board members are expected to arrive at meetings ready to contribute, which includes having reviewed all pertinent material.
  • Committee work: All Board members are expected to work on a committee of their choosing.
  • Travel: Some travel may be required, usually in the Truro or Metro area. Mileage expenses for meetings are covered by SHNS, when the budget permits.
  • Participation in orientation, educational and planning sessions: Minimal time requirement (perhaps once per year).
  • Working with SHNS staff and independent member-centres: SHNS is responsible as the employer of provincial staff (not including the member-centre staff).
  • Attendance at events: We encourage our Directors to attend any relevant fund raising events, conferences, and other initiatives.
  • Fundraising expectations: Directors are encouraged to assist in raising funds for SHNS.
  • Legal and financial responsibilities: As with any non-profit Board, Directors are legally responsible for the governance of the organization, which includes oversight of legal, financial, and human resource matters.


  • Tangible contribution to improving the sexual health of Nova Scotians
  • Opportunity to work with people who are passionate about healthy sexuality
  • Professional development opportunities that are transferable to the private sector
  • Board of Directors liability insurance
  • Travel, lodging, and meal expenses may be reimbursed for in-person meetings, depending on need and resources